About us

proud to be results and profits-driven

On who and what we are ….

At NAK we’re proud to be a results and profits-driven business.

Sure, we do our fair share of pro-bono work and we’ll often trim costs for start-ups and not-for-profits. Our focus, though, remains firmly on the ‘bottom line’ – ours and yours!

We know that we’ll achieve our profits-driven goals through being well rewarded for the results we achieve. Which explains our aim – to partner with success, then make that partnership even more successful.

On what we know ….

At NAK we know that client-agency relationships work best when both parties share equally a belief in a results-oriented partnership, conducted in an open and honest way in which each party recognises and appreciates the knowledge and specialism the other brings to the table.

To facilitate this process, we operate a ten-point Charter:-

  1. We will never over-sell – in our business there are no guarantees;
  2. We will never make a promise we can’t keep, including on behalf of third parties;
  3. We will stay focused on the mission, we will not be distracted from the campaign goal;
  4. We will never sacrifice quality for a deadline;
  5. We will check, re-check and check again before anything goes out the door;
  6. We will maintain adequate, appropriately qualified staff cover at all times;
  7. We will always listen and, when we don’t agree, we will say so;
  8. We will not rest on laurels but instead be happy to be judged on our last piece of work;
  9. We will probe and challenge – because successful businesses constantly evolve;
  10. We will encourage regular, open, two-way performance review.

And, importantly, we know what we don’t know – for example, we know we can never understand as much about any client’s business than does the client him/herself.

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