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It pays to be organised when it comes to managing your domains …

Ideally, a single individual or perhaps a single department such as in-house legal, company secretarial or marketing will be responsible for managing and maintaining your organisation’s domain names.,

But looking after multiple domains can be a daunting task, especially if those domains have been registered over time by different individuals in different departments, different divisions or sister organisations.

It can be challenging at the best of times to account for multiple domain registrations whilst remaining current on renewal dates and maintaining routing to appropriate website pages. Changes in personnel or changes in corporate structure often exacerbate the problem.

Now, therefore, might be a good time to take stock your domain assets, just as you do from time to time with your more ‘tangible’ assets.

Alternatively, NAK can take the problem off your hands. We’ve managed thousands of domains across multiple jurisdictions around the globe.

NAK can also objectively measure the effectiveness of each domain with a view to making under-utilised domains work harder and cleaning-out redundant domains.

We can also provide up-to-date valuations – established domains linked to established brands could be worth very significant sums indeed – indeed, a recent case established a potential value of +£2m for a single domain.

You can start getting organised now by emailing or calling me: [email protected]  +44 (0) 1274 86 2727.