Heights of fashion scaled

a La Redoute case study...

Heights of Fashion Scaled

La Redoute is France’s No. 1 Fashion Collection, part of Redcats, which is in turn part of the world’s third largest home shopping organisation. To date La Redoute has enjoyed 12 fabulous style-filled years in the UK.

La Redoute’s fashion-leading online and catalogue pages have an insatiable appetite for fresh, dynamic imagery. A single shoot might comprise two hundred garments or more and each one must be individually prepped to reveal its style to best advantage, on mannequin or model.

From garment collection and prepping to model and studio selection, prop sourcing, art direction, image uploading to NAK’s online Secure Electronic Document Management System (SEDMS) and, finally, garment return – the whole process is cost-effectively out-sourced with confidence to NAK.

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