When funding an in-house studio no longer makes sense

a Redcats case study...

When funding an in-house studio no longer makes commercial sense

For businesses having a heavy demand for printed material, operating an in-house studio used to make commercial sense. The resource – human and technological – was there on demand, serving no other master.

The downside was the substantial investment in capital expenditure on expensive software, state-of-art computers, imaging and ink-on-paper hardware – not to mention personnel, management, creative and operative, plus ongoing staff training and software updates. OK for the production director but not so OK for the FD or CFO, especially in challenging financial times.

Nowadays many cost-conscious businesses such as Redcats, part of the world’s third largest home shopping organisation, choose to shed the financial headache that is the in-house studio and instead turn the artwork tap on and off as required by outsourcing to NAK.

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